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"Having had a car crash in 2001 and was diagnosed with soft tissue damage and slight nerve damage in my neck and shoulder. I underwent various treatments such as cortisone injections over a number of years and took numerous painkillers and anti depressants per day to try and counteract the pain that I was experiencing as a result of my injuries.

I joined a Pilates class 9 months ago and spoke to Daiva about my health issues and through Daiva's help by one to one sessions of massage and exercise and Pilates classes I obtained a greater understanding of how my body works and what I could do to help alleviate the pain.

In the 9 months that I have known Daiva I have become a stronger person both physically and mentally and have with her help managed to come off anti depressants and stop taking all my painkillers.
I would highly recommend Daiva to anyone as she has helped me a great deal and I continue to attend her Pilates and meditation classes.

She has given me a life changing experience."

Karen (Caerphilly)

"I have been attending Daiva’s Pilates class for the last 12 months – she is an excellent instructor, patient and friendly, the classes are fun and enjoyable.

"Having recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knees Daiva has tailored some of the exercises to suit my needs, Also on a one to one basis she has worked out a programme for me to do at home, which has been very beneficial – I have noticed that my knees do not hurt as much and some movements, which I could not do when I first started the class, I can do now.

"In one to one sessions, I received Tui Na massages and specific exercises for the knees, to improve their mobility and  strength.

"I can highly recommend Daiva’s classes and one to one sessions to anyone!"

Helen (Blackwood)

"I thoroughly recommend Pilates classes with Daiva. I joined her class as a beginner six months ago. Daiva has helped me to understand how my body feels and how it works. My flexibility and strength have improved greatly during this time."

"Daiva is an excellent Pilates instructor, she is extremely patient, warm and friendly and she will tailor exercises to suit your individual needs.

"Her classes are also fun and suitable for everyone regardless of age. My 71 year old mother recommends them too."

Anne-Marie (Caerphilly)

"I had one to one pilates classes for over 6 months with Daiva after suffering lower back pain. The treatment was fantastic, it was not only the exercises that helped but the information and knowledge that Daiva gave me about my own body. The relaxing and calming influence Daiva and her Reiki massage had on my muscles and body that in turn helped me to firstly control the pain and then gave me the ability to exercise and improve my posture. Daiva helped me through a very stressful life change and I only wish she could have fitted into my suitcase so that she could come along for the ride."

Angharad (San Francisco)

"I decided to take up Pilates as I had recently suffered a prolapsed disc to my lower back. My orthopaedic consultant and physiotherapist recommended Pilates to strengthen my core muscles, help alleviate my back pain and lower the chances of a recurring disc problem. I “googled” Pilates in my local area and found Daiva’s website. I already had decided that due to the nature of my injury I would be best off having one to one tuition, as an exercise programme tailored to rehabilitating my spine could be created. I felt that attending classes would not be as useful, due to the more general nature of the exercise programme taught.

"I have been undertaking Pilates sessions with Daiva for about 4 months now and Pilates has helped my back significantly. I am regaining flexibility and strength and am now not in constant pain (which 4 months ago I was). In fact over the last 2 months the pain has subsided and I now only feel occasional twinges. Now that my back is improving I have decided to keep Pilates up as it will help reduce the reoccurrence of my back pain, also I have found other unexpected benefits to Pilates – I have noticed improved muscle tone, increased strength and increased flexibility, not only to my back, but generally speaking. I would recommend speaking with Daiva in regards rehabilitative training, she is very knowledgeable, friendly and has really helped me towards regaining full strength and mobility."

Andy (Cardiff)

"I've been attending the pilates classes that Davia runs at the Pensioner's Hall in Caerphilly for the last 6 months. During this time I've noticed that my body has strengthened and I've got improved flexibility. Doing the classes has also made me more aware of my body and how I can improve my posture when I'm sitting and standing to avoid the aches and pains I've been getting in my back. Davia has excellent knowledge of anatomy and this enhances the classes because she is able to adjust exercises to suit people with different abilities and offer targeted exercises for specific problems. Finally, I really enjoy attending the classes, they're very friendly and supportive, and I feel energised afterwards."

Lisa (Caerphilly)

"I have been Daiva's client for the last two years. Starting off attending a group class, enjoyed it so much I felt that I needed a more intensive one-to-one tuition.This has been very successful. Daiva works on the areas we have identified that need strengthening, particularly, core, back and legs. As a 72 year old I have certainly felt the benefit being much more active.

"As well as the physical aspect, Daiva has an instinctive talent which enables her to judge ones frame of mind whether tired or tense and then suggests Reiki healing, energy therapy or meditation. This treatment is extremely helpful and successful.

"For a total wellbeing workout I would highly recommend Daiva's Pilates to anyone with a busy stressful life."

Judith (Machen)

"I have been wanting to join a pilates class for a long time and was aware that my core muscles needed strengthening. I was involved in a small road traffic accident and went to an Orthopaedic Consultant as my back was giving me some troubles. He also suggested that Pilates would be very beneficial. I found Daiva's website with ease and contacted her via email. She responded promptly and was very reassuring as I was a bit hesitant about my abilities.

"Daiva's beginners classes are small and personal and she focuses on everyone's individual abilities and needs and constantly checks that we do the movements correctly. I have found the classes fantastic and very helpful.

"I would highly recommend Daiva's classes to anyone and plan to continue attending as I have definitely felt the benefits."

Sam (Caerphilly)

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