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About Reiki...

is a universal healing energy
REI means level of Soul and Spirit.
KI means Life Energy, which flows in every living creature (being). 

The knowledge about the activation of Universal Life Energy of high cosmic frequency appeared in Tibet. From there it travelled to India, Egypt, Ephesus, Greece and Rome, to China and Japan. At the end of 19th century the technique of activation and transmission of the universal energy was re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Sui. He called this method and art of healing REIKI.

The principles of REIKI
Today I feel grateful.
Today I feel calm and peaceful.
Today I feel joy in my Heart.
Today I do love and respect all creation.
Today I do approach everyone in a relaxed manner and accept opinions of the fellow citizen.
Today I do work with full commitment.


During the session the client remains fully clothed. The practitioner may gently place her hands on or just above the clients body. The healing energy flows through the hands bringing harmony, balance and peace into the cells of the body as well on emotional and mental level of ourselves. 

The duration of the session is aprox. 1.5 hour and costs 30 £ .

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please contact Daiva Boenn at: 029-20863286, or write an Email to: daiva@pilates-bodyworks.co.uk

I would love to express my deep gratefulness to my Reiki teacher
Eiko FriedrichHamburg. I am inspired by the depth and pressicion of his knowledge and by his generosity in sharing it . Thanks for his patience and wonderful sence of humour and support.
(c) Daiva Boenn, 2007-2009