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Master Choa Kok Sui (c)
Holistic health in your hands

Our bodies do not only consist of a visible physical body, but also of a less visible energetic or bioplasmic field which penetrates and extends beyond the physical body and which influences out physical and psychological health. Based on a modern, dynamic approach for managing subtle energies.  It uses comprehensive, simple, step-by-step techniques and can be applied to treat a large spectrum of physical, emotional and mental conditions to improve relationships and much more.

Pranic Healing ca be practiced by anyone independent of beliefs and education, for self- and family care and by health care professionals to accompany any other healing modality.

Without tools, Pranic Healing allows the practitioner to perceive and measure the subtle energy conditions of a subject, and using appropriate types and levels of subtle energies, clean accumulated toxic energy, eliminate emotional blocks and add healthy Prana, or Chi. Treatments are adapted to the specific needs of each person and designed to alleviate symptoms as well as deeper causes. Assisted in this manner, the body and mind regain their self-regulating and self-healing capacities and the strength and clarity to deal with today's complexity and pace of life.

For more information, please look at: www.pranichealinguk.org

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